The Essence of Home is Universal

“I am profoundly honored to provide such an essential part of a person’s life. To know they will carry the feeling of their home into everything they do, I must not fail their dreams.”

– Anyelo Bolaños


Our passion for innovation brings a distinct character to our work.

We enjoy working with our clients to come up with the most functional concepts using the foremost in technology.

Whether complex or simple, we never shy away from finding solutions to what we know will be the best for our clients.


ByM Constructions was born from the spirited ambition of partners Alejandra Marin & Anyelo Bolaños.
For both Alejandra and Angelo building is a family legacy, from grandfather to cousins, brothers and brother-in-law. Their entire lives have been wrapped up in ‘hammers & nails’.

As Costa Rican home building uses mainly concrete construction and varies little in its design, Anyelo chose to work in Canada and the United States building a multiplicity of homes exploring different options in building possibilities and materials. He returned to Costa Rica with a fresh worldview approach to home building.


We believe the strength of our company lies in the growth of our employees. Always working with the objective of having them pass from employees to collaborators, and especially in the case of the project managers, who are for Anyelo the faces and spirit of ByM Constructions. Internal growth within the company mirrors our commitment to working in our shared communities to empower and mentor young students interested in building and design.


For us, respecting nature is not only about caring for the environment we live in, it’s about making a daily commitment towards us as humans, envisioning and cherishing the future of generations to come.

Supporting Local Growth

We build with local materials thus reducing carbon footprint & avoiding extraneous construction costs. We hire local experts in the area we are building in thus supporting local culture & keeping the savoir-faire of the region.

Zero Trash

We especially invested in infrastructure to be able to recycle and repurpose all our building materials and trashes for the lowest impact building process possible.

Being Creative

We create awesome & trendy furniture out of recycled materials. Contact us now to discover our full catalog!


Share your passion and grow with us. Let your talent and motivation be the spark to an extraordinary career with ByM Constructions and become part of our small global company. We also offer internships to qualified individuals looking for hands-on experience with our field experts or to enhance your knowledge of our fast-changing industry. Contact us and let’s see if we can make you part of our team!