Build your Dream House in Costa Rica
Without Leaving Canada

Marlac and ByM Constructions partnered together to give you a solution to build your dream home in Costa Rica without leaving Canada. With this partnership, Marlac will assist you locally with a phenomenal process to identify your needs, location of preference, and all the required legal work to ensure you will get everything flawlessly as you want. Meanwhile, in Costa Rica we’ll issue for you all the legal permits, execute the construction, and ensure you get the home you dreamed to have. Hassle-free, as you want it.

Marlac will help you

Assisting in determining the perfect location for their build.

Establishing preliminary needs and type of construction desired.

Establishing preliminary plan cost and budget proposal.

Establishing legal construction contract between parties.

Assuring quality construction, plan, and specification on-site quality control.

Doing payment recommendations on progress claims (pay as you build).

Assuring land purchase on your name.

Representing you in order change negotiations.

Marlac will be the Canadian contact, will assure secure and guaranteed wire transfers for North American Customers.

ByM Constructions will deliver you

Secured property.

Legal land purchase with all proper legal documentation.

Water permits, prior land purchase.

Execution of the construction.

PMI construction management procedures, including documented construction and Siemic quality build.

Execution of progress claim payment.


We are always interested in hearing from you. Please call or email us to set-up an appointment or to help answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you!